dansko professional clogs-dansko professional clogs silver patent leather

dansko professional clogs-dansko professional clogs silver patent leather

dansko professional clogs

fashion industry wearing crazy shoes when your feet are happy you are happy if you are sad or unhappy its really hard just go Im gonna tell you that okay this first item is really really fun this is the patent leather clog its the only order of the year it is brand-new today and free shipping and handling as is everything on the show those five easy monthly payments of $27 go right through these fun colors they have such cute names this one makes me really happy and hungry this is cotton candy its like all your favorite kind of cotton candy flavors swirled into one yeah I think right yes great for spring with a little bit of the denim hint to it which oh absolutely thats a good point and then here we have the floral metallic yes kind of the black with a little bit of that kind of silver metallic there and then we have what were calling mosaic because it has a bit of a mosaic it does do it yes all sorts of different colors and swirls and all those good things now before we go into a detailed tour of this and about what makes this so great.

dansko professional clogs size 37

i know getting the fit right with dance Co is super important so lets take a look at the size chart so you can explain what you know how to choose your size then well talk about absolutely itll get into the good stuff so dance Co is whole sizes meaning that thats that there European sizes and so if your half-size no problem at all you simply just want to round up to the nearest full size and then from there you can use our conversion chart so if youre seven and a half you want to round up to eight and then you select a size 38 if you follow that throughout our line your gonna have great success and making sure that every dance goes shoe fits your foot okay I think thats awesome and now tell me a little bit about this is such a unique silhouette because its patent leather so you can actually wipe it clean it is so this particular shoe was born it was our very first shoe that was ever part of the line and it was really brought out as fashion and function so we make this shoe in a couple of different materials its really important to have patent leather so that its wiped clean so if you happen to be in the service industry or if you may be working in the medical industry you want to be able to clean this shoe very easily and thats why the patent leathers are so popular and then just a customer who may be doesnt use that isnt working in that industry she just may love it because of the shine in the pattern.

dansko professional clogs wide

its a really fun shoe to wear if its if there in climate weather outside yeah here in West Chester Pennsylvania or the past few days I am telling you but these are really really hard I just slipped into them and I also I like this we call this a rocker foot today I have learned that since I have come to Q.V.CI am like I like to rock my foot bed I am walking to the front yeah I mean its just its funtheres my rocking my foot bad what does tell me about whats the what is bestbout the rocker foot best so the rocker foot bed is a natural motion of your foot which propels your foot steps forward making it easier to walk and really beon your feet all day the dance coke clog provides you with a very firm comfort you have a really wonderful arch support you can probably oh my gosh oh boy and I think its a pretty stiff shoe but you can testify to this as you walk in it you feel the flexibility and your body weight makes the shoe have a little bit ability and it made absolutely every step a little bit easier so that’s one thing and then the other thing is its a little bit of a different fit so your enough feeling it really hits the back of your heel that’s a very good point yeah so this this is really just to  back of your foot right and it really does fit like an open-back clog that’s that just prepare you a very good point so I think when you get this home also its not gonna be like a regular shoe where you feel right point there Julie that its not hugging the back of your foot so I want you don’t wait to get it home and think oh this is too big because its not holding me its meant to be that way so lets take a look actually at the technology of this because.

womens dansko professional clog antique brown

I think thats where you reallyunderstand what is so unique so we startwith the outsole thats made ofpolyurethane its cored out a little bitand then we put in this inner frame thatyou can see thats the white and thatprovides you with the flexibilityinstead of you know some shoes put in areally heavy like steel shank is whatits called and then those always setoff the alarms when you go through theairport so this provides you with moreof a light weight its still a sizableand a little bit heavier of a shoe butthat takes some weight out of it then weput in a molded EBA footbed we line itwith leatherso if you want to wear this shoe withoutany socks its very comfortable yeah andthen we have our upper and the upper ismade of leather materials its lined inleather and then the padded collar helpskeep the shoe on your foot and a tip formaking sure that it fits you right is onthe inside theres a little perforation right in here and your heel should comeright inside the perforation line andthen its still gonna feel a little bitloose for you but if you just pick yourfoot up and you shake it and yourelooking really ridiculous .

dansko professional distressed clog – women’s

you can stillfeel air moving through there which isreally important for your foot tobreathe but it may feel looser than mostshoes and its supposed to but if itdoesnt fall off when you shake yourfoot youre in great shape it is so coolokay I mean I know a lot about shoes butlet me tell you that thats brand newinformation for me also something Ithink that makes dance coats so specialespecially this shoe and their wholewhat were calling the stapledcollection because there actually arestaples around the side they have theseal of approval from the AmericanPodiatric Medical Association which isvery unique and hard to get it is sowhat that means is that we go throughyour gross testing and it means that ourshoes that have that stamp of approvalare built with quality materials andtheyre good for your feet good for yourfeet thats I think what we really wantto emphasize besides the fact that theyhave they have kind of a fun look tothem if you and they have that again Ilove that theyre kind of born withEuropean roots yesand really I mean from Denmark andreally when you think of clogs I meanthat thats thats where yes theyreactually from there but again good foryour feet Im going to go through ourcolors one more time just so you knowexactly what to choose as youre makingyour decision here this is the cottoncandy oh your favorite flavor swirlsyeah theres really great colors therewith summer with the light blush and thechambray is in the denims and a littlebit of a gray base it really makes it agood neutral then we have the floralmetallic and that has been our most popular so far and then we have themosaic also such a fun kind of swirl ofcolors .

dansko professional clogs brown tooled leather

I also just want to remind youthat the five easy monthly payments of$27so if you are loving these and you wantto kind of break up those payments overfive months today is the only day thatyoure going to be able to do that andremember these are brand-new todaytheyre gonna be presented again laterso right now we have colors and sizes sonow is the perfect time to get your pairof the Dan scope professional patentleather clogs home okay here we go letsgo through well I dont have to I justdid it your item number is a three fivezero three three eight heres somethingelse coming up thats quite fabulousjust a few minutes awaythese are

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