dansko clogs for women-dansko shoes womens sandals

dansko clogs for women-dansko shoes womens sandals

dansko clogs

39 and our representatives are there to help you with that if you need it would you do me a favor what did you say hang on a second what are you kidding me they just told me this is the final dance Co hour of the year it’s only not even September first what in the world okay so even more importantly why you need to shop this show because and you can go to QVC comm and click on items recently seen on air so that you can see everything in this show but this is really what make dance go famous and a favorite of so many I want to go through colors first of all though I’m gonna move them a little closer together just.

dansko womens clogs

so you can see everything start down here what is this one this is called streamers okay this is called gray ombre so it’s silver in the front black in the back and it’s silver Sparkle in the front okay next is silver blue tooled so it’s we’ve always done really well with tooled which is the next one up and we brought in this one with a little bit of silver and blue to it to make it different then this is called black tooled which is one of our most popular okay and then black patent which is also really popular for us how absolutely imagine how dressy that can yeah and then here we have antique Brown oiled which is just a really terrific basic to have in your wardrobe and then we have black embryo which is what you’re wearing and we call this black what Cabrio Cabrio yes cabr io Cabrio yeah so let’s go back to first of all why is this the shoe that a lot of people start with when it comes to dance K so this is our iconic dance go clog it has been around it’s it’s the original shoe in the line and what customers love about it is that it is a firm comfort so when you first put your foot in you’re gonna feel oh my gosh yeah is so supportive it has a built-in arch support and then the next thing that you’re gonna notice when you put it on is the extra padding on the top of your foot you’re gonna notice why do I have a little bit of space back here well this is actually just a heel keeper.

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it’s supposed to rub the back of your foot so this is supposed to just secure your foot in place but not touch let’s come on down to my foot if you don’t mind because here’s what I’m going to show you now like I said I am a straight size 8 shoe and I have on the 38 which is exactly what I was supposed to and when I first put them on I don’t know how well you can tell but I feel like I had a little playroom in that heel and so I thought oh it must be too big and right away Julie’s like no it’s not too big that’s the way it’s supposed to be but here’s what she said put that shoe on and wiggle your foot is it coming off and I said not at all so it is very secure it’s not coming off at all and that’s what you want yes so don’t send it back thinking it’s too big right it’s not you want that extra room in there because it allows air to move through your shoe it allows your foot to breathe and then the padded collar is what actually keeps your foot in place as you move forward with the rocker bottom and that propels your motion forward that’s what keeps the shoe on your foot so that’s what’s so important about that.

dansko brown clogs

it really does I mean you can lock Mac words you can walk forwards you can go back and forth side to side and you get that stability who wears these everyone wears these so you know a lot of times we talk about this that we see these in the medical profession and that’s absolutely someplace that you see it it’s someone who’s on their feet for long hours in the day but it also is just anyone who who wants to be on their feet all day they want a firm comfort on their foot maybe their foot is a little bit wider and they just need that extra support a lot of times I see ladies wearing it that maybe they’re corporate trainers they’re sanding on their feet all day maybe they’re working in a restaurant you know so any any type of occupation or even a stay-at-home mom that’s just really active and volunteering all the time and out the door all the time this is the great go-to shoe especially I love the brown if it’s someone that’s living in denim everyday but this by your backdoor and it’s your go-to shoe every single day you slip this on it’s so easy on Easy Off and yet it stays on when you’re walking I want to go to the size chart because we’re talking about go true – sighs like for instance I’m a size eight and I get the 38 now if you’re a seven and a half you’re still gonna get the 38 yeah it will fit you are in I am an eight and a half so I round up to nine so you buy a 39 yes and it’s very simple so if you’re a half size size up to the next hole size and then it’s like so if you’re five it’s 35 f06 it’s 36 737 etc etc I want to go back to colors so that you’re can place your order there are other colors available also I believe on qvc.com but look at how cute this is I was just thinking about pediatrics whether it’s pediatric dense dentistry or pediatrics in a clinic in a hospital look at how cute.

dansko clogs professional

these would be you would be so comfortable but the kids it looks like they colored with color crayon your shoes you love it I even as a mom on a grandma I think it’s so cute this is chic I’m gonna just show you this from the side if we can get that whole shoe in because it becomes more like a black patent back here and then a deep gray even up into almost a silver very subtle silver in the front and that one is called gray ombre correct okay then this one is called silver blue silver blue and it has that tooling really nice almost has a Western look it does and this one is called black tooled mm-hmm one of our most iconic ones that we sell a lot of I believe it because it’s really it looks rich here is the black patent leather and again that’s all done in the other it is and then here’s the new buck leather in that brown antique Brown oiled yes yeah so because you’re gonna see the shading on the brown and then this is what I have on just your basic black and we call it black Cabrio cabr io black Cabrio we’re going off to the phones here’s the key if you’ve never well I should say one other thing I forgot to tell you in pricing if you buy the black Cabrio or the antique Brown your price tag is 120 525 or five payments of 25 if you buy any of these fancier ones there 135 but it’s five easy payments of $27.45 in Pennsylvania Oh wonderful I hope you come and visit sometime yeah I take I could do that uh-huh so tell Julie and me why you called in Diane have you ever had dance go shoes yes .

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I have about five pair and I’ve been wearing clogs since the 70s that shows you about how old I am and I have plantar fasciitis and really dance cos are the only shoes I can wear a whole day at work what kind of work do you do actually I’m a criminal investigator well how about that I’m glad you don’t have to investigate me that’s right anyway are you on your feet quite a bit Diane yeah I am and I also teach classes at night so I’m standing up teaching that was great exactly that’s a lot plus you’re standing in one day let me tell me what the difference is what have you noticed in your feet your legs anything like that since you started wearing the dance go they’re not as heavy as some of the other brands some of the you know name brands and that quality is great and they last forever Diane do you notice flexibility after you’ve worn them for a while a little bit but they’re from the first day that you wear them there they’re good to go yes yeah I’ve never really had a problem breaking them in or anything like that yeah that’s great that’s terrific which color did you get today I got the antique Graham today because there’s a lot of stuff but I have had some crazy patterns and I have a lot of friends that are in the healthcare industry and I’m always whatever I go to the doctor I look at their closet see what they are and they’re usually dead yes that’s true you were saying you were just gotta I was at a hospital show yeah yeah about a week ago yes and the nurses were raving about the dance co well like you say it doesn’t matter if you’re a criminal investigator a television host a nurse a teacher whatever if we’re on our feet a lot dance go really helps out so I’m so glad that you are watching today good for you I’ll be had the day off actually I hurt my red sitting at home on the couch and whenever I’m home I be on yeah thank you for being loyal to dance Co we appreciate that absolutely take good care of yourself Diane and it’s so nice to talk with you I hope that someday when you’re feeling better you’ll come over and take the tour at QVC and maybe you and I’ll run into each other that’d be fun yeah might do that happen away oh good I’m glad well take care of yourself thank you so much for taking the time to say hello to us today hey thank you very much you’re welcome bye-bye you too bye so here your colors you can have fun this is called streamers yes streamers multi streamers super cute you wanna add a little pop of color this is the Silvia’s that I’ll get at the grave yes and that is the most limited by the way this is blue silver silver boots silver blue yeah and then we have the black tooled design look at how great that is this is the black patent yes then we have the antique Brown and then we also have black Cabrio now I want to remind you of a couple quick things is that first of all this show the last dance go show of the year also very popular was.


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