timberland pro pit boss

timberland pro pit boss

timberland pro pit boss

what’s up everyone welcome back to the Durban compound if you haven’t met me already we are doing another chasing the best work Footwear so this might be the this gets expensive so if you don’t know already I’m a hundred percent non biased I’m not sponsored I buy everything with my own money and that way my opinions are not bought so I’m gonna go over the Timberland Pro boondock six-inch composite toe today so if you’re interested in seeing something like that stay tuned [Music] alright guys.


timberland pro pit boss

welcome to the channel let’s get down to it first of all  we’re doing all kinds of man stuff today is boots tomorrow might be you know chainsaws who knows it’s whatever I come up with so let’s talk about these boondocks these boots come in around 175 to 200 dollars depending on where you get them from so it just depends if you can hook it up on a deal and find them

timberland pro pit boss steel toe

I recommend this boot I have had a lot of miles in these boots I bought these in June 2017 so we’re going on two or over two years now so one thing that I will always do before I make a review is make sure that I truly vet the product and that I’m not you know what we might do some brand new unboxing but I’m gonna give you you know that straight up front and let you know that I just got it and then we usually do updates so a two-year update on these boots apparently.

timberland pro pit boss steel toe black

I had the laces tucked in the other boot I really really like these boots they have a very good tread on them they’re very they’re very aggressive tread they do well in the winter so I usually wear these in the snow or cutting wood that’s why I like them with the composite toe I don’t need to worry about a log rolling over on my foot these originally took the place of the pit-boss .

timberland steel toe boots

I think it is the Timberland probe pit-boss I wore those out pretty much to where I couldn’t wear them anymore and replaced them with these so this is a very good boot the only bad thing I have to say about this boot is it’s heavy let’s let’s go ahead and measure it right now go ahead come on alright alright so 2 pounds 6 ounces actually comes in right at this amount or the same weight as the grid works so I have my grid works on the on the boot dryer right now wore these today at work so exact same exact same weight as the grid works so I really like this boot I highly recommend this one.

timberland pro boots

if you do not need the aggressive sole on the bottom and you’re working on concrete all day this is the go-to boot i I like this a lot a lot a lot a lot I’ve also done the video on the Thorogood mock toes I highly recommend those as well but I’m still breaking those in so they’re still hurting my feet these let’s get down to the real reason why we’re here so back to these bad boys great stitching great I love this this the black part that’s that’s basically a rubberized kind of thick part on the back of the heel love this because when you go to take off your take off your boots it’s great for that I’ve actually torn up the leather on a lot of my boots by doing that you usually peel them off your feet but you know what one boot over the other so I definitely like that they look cool they hold up well to salt .

best work boots for walking

I’ve had a lot of mink oil on these as long as you keep them washed and keep them conditioned these boots will last you these boots look like I’ve practically not worn them and that’s not true whatsoever they’ve been through a lot with me they’ve been through many many steps I probably put these probably around the 1 million step mark since .

best work boots for plantar fasciitis

I’ve had them for two years I’ve easily worn them for a million steps you don’t really notice how heavy they are they’re a little clunky out on a toe because of the composite toe so they are there the profile is a little large here on the front of the boot but it’s really not that big of a deal they’ve even made it a armored front toe so for kicking stuff and moving stuff around I use them a lot and you really can’t even tell the wear and tear for a six-inch boot this is this is awesome you know when we talk macht oh are we talking about the grid works that’s an 8 inch boot that will pretty much get you on any construction site you don’t need to worry about it if you’re looking for a six inch composite toe this comes right up there with the theorem the Thorogood 6 inch composite toe side by side.

timberland pro boondock boots

I think I have this around here see a hole so this is the 6 inch composite toe by Thorogood hecka it looks like I have a style that I like they all look the same regardless of manufacturer so this is also a really good boot I am showing a bunch of different boots now but I’m getting excited so I would definitely put this at the top of my list it’s probably a close second I would I would definitely recommend the Thorogood 6 inch over this boondock but these Boondocks are very good of course you’re thorough goods are gonna cost you more money so it just depends on your budget depends on your style some people just don’t like this style some people think that if you have a black toe on the front that should be polished and you know it should look like that yeah whatever some people get all get all offended that you don’t have you know a boot looking like they think you should so it’s a very good boot the insole is one of those anti-fatigue insoles there’s just a lot of good things about these boots yeah all of these are gonna run a little hot because they are full leather in this style here is waterproof so it might run a little hot on you but for the most part this is a pretty darn good boot.

hearthstone pity timer

I haven’t noticed any crazy wear issues I actually can’t tell that these are these have a lot of wear at all it’s got a fairly hard sole on it oil resistant slip resistant I mean you couldn’t ask much more Timberland Pro is definitely a good company to invest your money with and when it comes to Footwear they do pretty darn good I mean heck I’ve got three or four pairs of their boots that and Thorogood man you can’t go wrong these definitely second place but I would highly recommend these if you’re looking under the $200 mark these are easily had under $200 if you’re looking on the internet here let’s go into Amazon I’ll put a link to the Amazon below in the description and exactly what I’m looking at here I will put it here so depends on the size these are also part of prime wardrobe which I highly recommend if you don’t know anything about Prime wardrobe this is not a plug this is something that I’ve used before in the past they send you the pair of boots what are the clothes whatever you get on prime wardrobe they’ll send you the pair of boots and then you can try them on wear them around the house as long as you don’t take them outside get them dirty and they can they can’t tell that you physically wore them then you can send them back and you get your money back so you’re charged nothing I did this for a bunch of pairs of boots I might do this in the in the future for some reviews but you’re kind of limited to what you can wear around the house you can’t get them dirty you can’t take them outside it’s not like you’re gonna go walk up and down the driveway to see how you like them you’re pretty much gonna have to have them in booties or or around the house so you don’t get them dirty if you want to return them so part of the prime wardrobe these are size 10 I have little feet 180 bucks so 180 bucks not bad definitely a lot cheaper than two hundred and thirty-some dollars you got to pay for the Thorogood .

timberland boots amazon

so if you’re looking to save a little money you need a six inch composite toe this is probably your best bang for your buck there are other manufacturers out there but I just I just love Timberland Pro a lot and this boot has held up great heck after you wash it and you get some mink oil on it they look like new and I just love the style it looks cool on your foot it’s just it’s just awesome so I hope you guys at least got the just of it yeah I’m a Timberland fanboy I’m also a Thorogood fanboy I like boots all together I like nice stuff so I would definitely put it you know on my list if you guys are looking at it go ahead and buy it I have nothing bad to say about this boot you know other than might be a little heavy two pounds six ounces is pretty heavy on your on your on your shins on your knees on your back really so I hope you guys enjoyed the video hope to see you cliff subscribe give me a thumbs up or thumbs down whatever you’re into and if you’re somebody that’s subscribed already and you’ve been following along these videos I appreciate you coming out and watching my videos and as always we’ll see you guys in the next video

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