soft leather handbags-soft leather handbags with outside pockets

soft leather handbags-soft leather handbags with outside pockets

soft leather handbags-soft leather handbags with outside pockets

hi guys today I’m gonna be sharing with you my updated handbag collection . I thought I took through every single bag that I have I am gonna be sharing and both my designer bags and my high street bags as well so what I thought I’d do is go through a category by category I thought I would kick things off with shoulder bags starting with my vintage Fendi a mama forever bag now I bought this one free love from the real real late last year and I’m so glad that I picked it up when I did because one it’s become one of my most used bags and most loved bags I absolutely adore carrying this just because it’s so easy to throw things in but also because the price of it has gone up .

black leather bags

substantially Fendi seems to have become really big at the moment especially the bear Fendi logo and you know despite not being one for flashy logos or anything like that I actually don’t mind the double-f logo on here I’m not really sure how well you’re going to be able to see it hopefully I think it’s coming up pretty well on camera to me I think it looks very subtle and I just love the more kind of classic silhouette of this it does have that vintage vibe fits very nicely over my shoulder it’s very comfortable to wear I like holding it in my hands as well just a really easy bag and it packs down really well so it’s a great one to travel with the national debate that I’ve got here is a vegan leather one and this is sort of a dupe I guess for the men so  bucket bag it’s from sometime and it’s just a caramel colored bag I think this is called the Nico Nico 2.1 or 2.0 vac something like that I actually really like this .

soft leather handbag

I will say that the toggle on it doesn’t hold very tight so I do find that that loosens up over the course of the day as with any bucket bag you can just kind of squeeze it open like that and dip your hand right in so probably not the best type of bag if you are living in an area where pickpocketing is very common for me and Sydney it’s not really something I ever have to worry about and usually I kind of put my valuable items towards the bottom of the bag but it’s just a really nice comfortable one I do work quite frequently so yeah I’m just a really nice plus a bucket bag then the next one I thought I’d talk about is my most expensive handbag and I’m just gonna practice this by saying you do not need to spend this much money on a handbag usual year.

black soft leather handbags

if you like spending money on bags go for it how you can get so many incredible bags at a much more affordable price for you this is the most expensive one that I earn it is my Chanel boy bag this is in the small size and the caviar logo with the chevron pattern which I absolutely love and it has ruthenium hardware which is basically an aged silver hardware I love this I’m so glad that I bought it when I did it was sort of my dream combination for the boy bag and it’s definitely been one that I’ve loved reaching for I really enjoy pulling this one out even though it’s my not my everyday bag I think for that reason it does actually feel a lot more special for me.

brown soft leather handbags

I have done a full review on this bag if you do want to go and watch that I’m gonna pop it in the cards up there and also link it in the description box but yeah this was actually I actually double checked the price the other week and it looks like it’s going up about $1100 since I purchased it so for me I feel like I’ve already made a good investment because the price increase has been pretty substantial I wouldn’t buy it at its current price just FYI I would probably like to get a cream love I’m not sure whether I’ll ever be able to afford by another Chanel bag but I do really love the one that I have and it’s definitely one that gives me a lot of joy next let’s talk about this bag from linear this is this sling bags.

pebbled leather vs smooth leather

now I’ve actually done a bit of work with linear and the past I’ve taken photos for their marketing and we’ve actually collaborated on videos and blog content so they sent this to me as part of that work that I was doing for them and the quality of this bag is absolutely beautiful it’s the same leather that they used on the tote bag which I’ve got and I have done a review on that I’m going to talk about that later but yeah it’s just very beautiful quality all their handbags aren’t very well made and I find myself reaching for this more when I’m running some small errands and I want a bag open just sling it across my body and just fit my essentials and I have the canvas interior which i think is really nice although being a lighter color you do have to keep in mind that it can what is prone to it marking up and you can adjust the strap so this is a really lovely when it comes in black actually do which there i look  for the black color just because i do find this already toned brown can sometimes be a little bit more difficult to pair but it does go really well when i’m wearing what minimal a neutral colored outfits then the next bag that i want to talk about is my saline treasure bag so this one actually put just a few months before.

dr martens 1460z cherry smooth leather womens boots

I got my Chanel bag and I got very lucky because I went into the Saline concession I was just browsing I had zero intention of actually buying anything and I found that they had 40% off a lot of bags and this one had already caught my life previously I’ve been thinking about it and when I found out the price it was kind of too good not to go for it I was also traveling to New Zealand so I was able to get my tax back on it too and I should show it to you should know it’s a 17 tried to her bag I didn’t unboxing of this when I purchased it and I also believe I’ve done a review so I’m going to link that up here and pop it down in the description box as well I love this bag so much it’s sort of been what am i go to bags it’s the one that I quite often wear when I’m going out and I want something that’s gonna be easy carefree that I don’t have to worry about too much I didn’t make the mistake of wearing it won’t open you can kind of see that there is this metal bar here and it has some screws underneath there’s actually the bag that I’m using at the moment if he screws underneath and they did scratch the leather here on the holster so unfortunately I managed to damage it within three days of purchasing it which was my own fault but aside from that it’s worn really well.

birkenstock arizona smooth leather

I think I’ve spilled things on this I’ve not really been too careful with it at all and it’s just still looking really great aside from that one little scuff there so I love for this it fits all it almost inches basically everything I could need I think the size that this is maybe a little bit bigger than what I can fit in my Chanel bag however unfortunately this one’s no longer available so if you have had your eye on this and I would suggest looking at the pre-loved market I do know that they pop up quite frequently on the real real and social diversity a collective as well so maybe I’ll drop some of my favorite color combinations down in the description box below the you necks shoulder back is one I get so many questions about unfortunately I don’t know if you can get this anymore it’s this little constellation bag I want this off Amazon and the seller I think after I bought it maybe they stopped shipping to Australia but I got this because I did have my eye on the product here back which I’m gonna link that in the description Buster however it was really expensive and I wasn’t really sure if this was going to be more of a fad bag for me because obviously with this astrological design it is very much a statement and with things like this I sort of was a bit concerned that maybe I would get sick of it and spending that much money on a handbag I believe it was around the $3,000 mark it .

soft leather purses and handbags

seemed ridiculous has been that on something that I might not want to wear forever so I found a more affordable version and actually really liked this one because it’s velvet I think it looks just as good as the Prada one and I get so many compliments whenever I wear it I actually also the other thing I wasn’t sure about was this the way that the back opens so it has this little leather Callahan faux leather in this instance and then it opens up like that so it is a little bit more I guess of a hassle to get in and out of the bag and I was a trip a bit like that I actually don’t mind it how they not even had this for a while I can say that I like the style of bag but I am glad that I didn’t invest in the astrological version of this bag I would love to maybe get one of these bags in just the neutral like a blushy color or a terracotta color I think that would be really lovely however I don’t think the zodiac version would be for me long term still love this bag still gonna keep wearing it but in terms of investing and the actual real thing I think I definitely made the right choice next we’ve got this little shoulder bag this is from Ellen and this is in a dark green leather or forest green leather and I really love using this it’s kind of like a little croissant baguette child which I adore no really what I love about this bag is how unusual it is it does have this beautiful big round button here which is gold a contrast feeling nicely it just kind of clips in and then it is open at the top I do believe they still sell this one however I’d say they’re probably more known for their handheld bags the ones that sort of look like they’ve been smushed down on the top .

soft leather handbags for women

I’ll link those down below too because I’ve seen quite a lot of people wearing them recently especially the right hand straw version just because it is spring summer in the Northern Hemisphere but yet if they’re really lovely little shoulder bag you can’t fit a lot in here and again because it is open at the top it’s not really the best for pickpockets but if you had a long wallet in there I mean you probably won’t be able to fit much else but no one would really be able to pull that up I do really enjoy using this I think it’s really nice to have a statement bag like this to kind of pull out every now and then next let’s talk about another bag from millennia this is their cross body bag and I actually think of all the packs and I’ve got I actually believe I might have most of the bags that they sell this is my absolute favorite I adore this this is one that I reach for quite a lot actually reminds me of the Louis Vuitton Alma BB bag I think that’s the one however it doesn’t have any branding or anything like that on it so the quality of it again is really lovely I’ve worn this so much I haven’t babied it personally I prefer to just carry a top handle because it looks really ladylike people have seen that in a lot of my videos I’m sure but it also comes with a crossbody strap which I’ve got inside the bag so you can wear it on your shoulder too if you don’t want to carry it which i think is really handy again it does have that same canvas interior I did partner up whittling it on a video for this so I am going to link that review up here they know styled at four different ways tree how you could use this for every occasion but yeah I love this bag it’s got the feet on the bottom too so you don’t worry about it getting dirty if you need to place it on the ground or anything so yes that is another one of my favorites then let’s talk about my Phillip Lim mini pactually bag I put this I think it must have been three years ago now I bought it from essence during the sale and I feel like I got very lucky because it was a great price and also the color combination.

birkenstock monterey smooth leather

I always get compliments on this and unfortunately don’t believe this exact color is available anymore it was called the mushroom they do come out the similar shape every season but the size of thought was a really nice color option it’s more of a cool toned nude and I feel like it goes really well with a lot of my wardrobe finally I don’t let the larger patch leave style but I really love how it looks in the smaller design it does have these little zippers that come down here which to do help to expand the bag slightly and then it’s got this little leather strap which holds the two handles together which honestly this is probably the most annoying part of the bag but I do like the fact that you have that option to help the bag retain its structure I have also done a review on this I don’t know if I’m gonna be able just hang everything up here but I will learn everything in the description box for sure it does have this little opening here and then yeah the bag does open forward so if I can just hang on the zippers are slightly stiff probably because there are white rips design and I don’t open them very much but it just opens forward like that I do keep stuff to help it retain its structure and comes with a little leather shot the strap as well this is one of my favorites and I do kind of still reach for this time to time probably doesn’t get anywhere near as much love it’s my Fendi bag but I really enjoy this and so glad that I have this as part of my bag collection next we’ve got my little tote bag from Abel I think this is called the Elsa bit crossbody tote and this one again it’s another shoulder bag but it’s basically like a mini tote bag and I really love carrying this again just top handle I think it’s really neat and you can also put your arm through the loops as well but it does come with a crossbody strap now what I like about this is it is more of I guess in vintage vibe so it looks a bit more rustic the leather doesn’t have any glazing so you do have that raw edge of the leather which i think looks really cool and it makes it look a little bit more worn the leather does have slight imperfections to it like.

birkenstock boston smooth leather unisex clogs

it’s not perfectly black it almost has a bit of a faded effect to it and you can kind of see a little kind of wrinkles and things in the leather which I really like this one is one that I tend to use a bit when I am walking the dog or just when I’m going out and about and again I want a bag that I can throw a few things in and rush out the door but you’re like I said it’s a great one for wearing top handle and I love the fact of having a smaller tote bag just because they are my favorite styles of bags to carry the next pack that I have is my new no on mini from Poland sorry I completely butchered that I’m sure this is a really cute little mini bag that’s in the sand color and it has this lovely grained leather at the bottom and then this is suede and this is the opening is really cool so you can actually use one hand it just pops down like that it’s got a magnetic closure and then to open it it opens up like that and it’s also got these little poppers here so that you can expand the back more this has the most beautiful chain strap I love the fact that this is more of an antiqued gold I just think it is stunning it looks almost like jewelry and you can adjust the length of the strap I will say that full length I do find it a bit long even on me and I’m five foot eight so what I do is I do not the strap to make it a bit shorter so that I can wear it a bit higher up on my body in terms of how this has worn so far I’m really really happy with it however obviously given that it does have the suede flap at the top it is going to be prone to mashing up I have sprayed my bag with Cola meal but I don’t think it’s really helped me 100% because I can’t say there’s a teensy-weensy little mark here so you just have to be careful when you do have a bag in a lighter color I have a bonus with anything black bought with denim that would potentially rub onto the back and it does have a little pocket here but if you guys want me to do a proper full review of this bag let me know I do have a post up on my blog which I’m going to link in the description box but if you would like more of a video you do tell me and I will be sure to film something soon but I love the color of it I think it’s a really nice sort of a warm toned nude and yeah really fun to wear for winter as well then the next showing back that I’ve got here is the tulip bag from Linnaeus so this was a very kind gift from women and gender or the founders of the brand and they sent this to me completely unexpected this is made from a bishop a liver so it is very similar to the leather that louis vuitton use a lot of their bags so because of that reason I keep it stored in its dust bag in this box because I want the leather to patina evenly it does also have this really lovely thick canvas material if you can see that poking out through the sides which i think is really lovely this is just such a gorgeous bag it’s got a lot of structure and it has this bright yellow contrast here which i think is really vibrant and fun I haven’t won this very much as I mentioned because I do keep it in the box so for that reason mine is not really worn in at all the more you wear this the more the leather sort of softens and gems look so beautifully worn .

smooth leather chaps

the next bag that got here is from Charles and Keith this is a shoulder bag and I swear this probably it again one of my most used bags at the moment I absolutely love the Whateley design detail that you’ve got on the handle here now one of the things that drew me to this bag is actually the closure I bet it reminds me a little bit of the Fendi peekaboo which is a bag that I’ve had on my wish list for some time now so it has a clip opening here and you can kind of see there’s a pocket and then it also has a magnetic closure at the back the back one’s a lot easier to open it also comes with a shoulder strap as well but I just prefer to hold this on my hand or wear one over my shoulder I love the way that that handle looks you can also double up the straps as well if you want so you can have the wavy strap kind of work you can have the way you strap sitting in the front and then have it over your shoulder which i think looks really neat too I will say that the hardware on the clasp at the front here has scratch up just a little bit but I think that’s kind of normal with bags like this or with any bag really it’s gonna kind of wear over time but I love the color i think it’s called clay but it’s just a really beautiful rich terracotta hue the next thing that i’ve got here is my most recent bad purchase but i bought as one of my autumn purchases for the five piece french wardrobe challenge which you will find out all about what I decided to buy very soon this one is from our 10 and I have to admit ours it’s not really a brand that I would think to go and buy back from but when I saw this I really really adored it it reminded me a lot of bag from saline however a fraction of the price and what really drew me to this bag is actually the mock croc leather .

vintage brahmin

I think this is just such a nice detail it makes it look very understated elegant but also has a bit of a vintage vibe to it and then it’s just got this opening like that so again very very vintage feeling I love the almost faded gold hardware as well and this does come with a crossbody chain strap too but I like the way that you can just hold it with a handle like that it’ll look your arm through it it’s just a very kind of refined elegant type of bag you can’t fit a lot in here of course but the things you do for fashion and then I’ve got a couple of others sort of smaller random Mexico I talk about before I dive into my totes which I have quite a few of these days so the next one I got here is a little bum bag this is from ASOS and I purchased this to take with me when traveling just because I thought it would be really easy to kind of put my essentials in here and I can just wear it across my body I don’t wear it around my waist it’s not really my kind of thing but I really like this makeup a faux leather and eye wear there’s quite a lot when I’m walking the dog just because I can kind of fit my central’s in here and I don’t have to have anything on my shoulder so this was a really good find I feel like it was around $30 then the next bags when I got for travel this is my and I don’t really know how you pronounce it that is it .

soft leather handbag

this one is made out of recycled plastic which i think is really cool and I got this one because I also have this insert for my camera gear so I wanted to check my camera gear with me to New Zealand and I figured it would be a really good solution to pop it in yeah this is such a great little backpack I do have to say that the nylon straps do dig into my clavicles a little bit when I’m wearing it especially if I’ve loaded it up with a lot of stuff but I really love this and I totally understand why they have become such popular bags I think the colors are really fantastic – here is so many brilliant options then for toys I’ve got quite a few here sir first one I thought I mentioned is my days where chart from Evelyn I have kind of done a comparison blog post on this comparing it to the original market tote and spoiler my favorite of the two is definitely these square size just because I find that it’s a little bit more compact it looks a bit more proportion with my body and I’m not tall as well so then if you’re petite and you’re trying to decide definitely get smaller but yeah the quality of it’s pretty nice bits of things the other one however the interior doesn’t seem to be quite the same raw leather so it’s much smoother but it’s just a nice classic tote bag fits a lot in it the leather is pretty hard wearing as well so you don’t have to be too precious with it because I mentioned that I figure I might as well go on to my market turn next which I have here and you can kind of see it’s definitely good and quite sloppy compared to made a square tote so I born there’s quite a lot I was using it every single day for work at one point and this one has a much lighter interior and you can kind of see it’s got more of a raw distressed sort of a finish to it which is just natural and it can kind of I guess pull up the hem the inside that’s just something to expect that I really like the colour of this bag I think it’s absolutely beautiful really nice mutual so however I did do a whole tote comparison review video and this one did come out at the bottom so just want to be quite transparent with that I do still really like it is when I reach for only size wave I much prefer the mid-size tote then we have my linear tote bag and this is just again a really beautiful tote bag the letters that they use are stunning it’s so nice and soft and supple like I think you can probably see how much it is softened up compared to the leather on my sling bag I assess every single day for a year and you know I just adore it I’ve got so many fond memories of using this it’s got the magnetic closure I have done a review of this again and also I did include it in that tote comparison review video the handles on it are quite stiff so do keep that in mind and again um in terms of the color it is more of a ready brown so if you want order cognac Brown you might prefer the color of the Evelyn tote otherwise the black and this is just beautiful as is the Navy too and this has that canvas interior might end up held up really well she’s got a couple of small scratches on the back which actually from when Winston was a kitchen and he attacked it unfortunately but is on the inside of the bag so no one can kind of see that when I’m wearing it then the next chart that I have here is from Charles and Keith and this again is a vacant leather bag and I like this because it’s more of a vertical tote which is different to the other ones that I have has this beautiful kind of woven design to it so it’s got sort of like a metal odor and they’re more of a shiny leather and then this sort of unfinished detail which kind of runs up the side of the bag which i think is really lovely I am enjoying using this bag it does also have a little pouch in it as well which you can put your cards and coins and things like that in there which i think is great and the tops have got a magnetic closure if this is still available of you so I will link it down in the description box below but I think it’s a good alternative to a leather tote bag if you’re looking for something that is well-made as well just do keep in mind I have noticed that things have kind of started to I guess sort of flare out slightly so they don’t fit sort of flush sweat to the bag as they dip when I first got it then the final bag that to talk about is my yellow leather tote bag.this is hands-down one of my favorite bags that I find it is such an amazing option if you’re looking for just a classic black tote now this is very unstructured so if you want something that looks a little bit more full the totes from Alenia and overlaying are probably your best bet probably Linea actually because that one stands up on its own but this one I think is really great if you want to bloom that look smart that’s going to wear really well I think I’ve had this for two years now and it’s held up amazingly it doesn’t have any scratches on the leather at all there’s no frame to any of the stitching the interior still looks great I mean I probably could give it a little bit of a clean but it’s looking really good in there the only thing I don’t like is that the pocket has a rollover interior which I just think is kind of bizarre considering that the rest of the leather interior sort of this coated finish which I really like this one you can actually tie as well so it pulls in the bag and chain I’m not doing a very good job this hang on so you can tie in the sides which actually changes this shape but I don’t love the way that that looks I prefer the way that it’s just as a classic tote but I really adore this one and 100% recommend it I still need to buy the tote organizer that comes with this I’m gonna link that down below as well just because I feel like that would help me to be able to find everything in there so there you have it that is my full handbag collection I hope that you guys enjoyed it and I would love to know if you have a favorite I’m so sorry it took me so long to film this video obviously also I have a lot of handbags and nobody needs to have this many bags part of it is because of what I do for work but also I really adore all these bags and I do cycle them through aside from shoes bags or something that I do really love and like I said at the start you really don’t need to spend a lot to get a really beautiful handbag some of my most loved bags are ones that are more on me I would say high quality but affordable end of the prospector thank you guys for your important time.

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