oral-b pro 1000 power rechargeable electric toothbrush powered by braun black (packaging may vary)

oral-b pro 1000 power rechargeable electric toothbrush powered by braun black (packaging may vary)

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hey guys today I am showing you andreviewing the oral-b a black 1000electric toothbrush ve had oral-btoothbrush before it was a fancierversion where you had a whole stand audit came with a water pick kind of system  .

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is a simple one and acheaper one I think it cost about alittle bit over $50 on Amazon comes witha stand like this so its a veryconvenient to just put it on yourbathroom counter top plug it in andeasily charge just like that it comes inthis box this particular one had onlyone and the head replacement so youwould have to buy more but theyrerelatively cheap and you could buy themon ebay actually even cheaper what I dolike about this toothbrush .

oral b rechargeable electric toothbrush

its verylightweight very similar to the oral-btoothbrush ve had in the past theheads are easily removable and chainthat you dont really need to changethem very often probably every two threemonths with my manual toothbrushes thatve used periodically I would have tochange them much more often thisparticular head is a cross action headand its supposed to remove plaque andbacteria from right next to your gum andit does a pretty decent .

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job m prettysatisfied with that normally I wouldprefer something a little bit softerbecause m not sure if the bristles aresoft a medium but in general itsrecommended to have sort of softerbristles I am a dental hygienist and Iwould normally recommend my patientsusing all always soft toothbrush onlywhat I dont like about this toothbrushis theres only one speed and let medemonstrateso as you can see pretty aggressivein the fancy toothbrush that I hadbefore you could regulate the speedwhere you could actually press and holdand it slowly reduces the speed and ithas a little bit more functionality Iwish I had bought the fancier versionbut this is what I have now as far asthe color black versus white nodifference whatsoever the black parthere is kind of rubbery its not plasticlike here and it allows you to grip alittle bit better theres a little bitof a gripping thing here also whileyoure charging it the indicator flashesand you can just leave it on your onyour charging station to fully chargeoverall its I think its a goodinvestment good purchase I think mgoing to switch to a sensitivetoothbrush head once this one is as nogood and hopefully this will work betterfor me but if you have a little bit ofextra money I would suggest that you buysomething a little bit fancier but alsobuy oral-b but maybe a toothbrush thatwould have a little bit more functionalfunctions so the speed is really one ofthose that I kind of miss in thistoothbrush but if you have any questionscomments feel free to submit it in thecomment section right below

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