nike shoes for women – top 10 nike women’s running shoes review 2018 – best nike running shoes

nike shoes for women – top 10 nike women’s running shoes review 2018 – best nike running shoes

nike shoes for women

Finding the Most Comfortable Shoes is very subjective  especially when you consider the different foot types, sizes, widths, and foot problems.

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Our goal is to provide you with what research we have done personally and a forum for others to express their experiences with the shoes that worked for them. All we ask is to provide your type of foot and any problems or suggestions you may have.

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For instance, I am slightly flat-footed and therefore cannot use a shoe that has a high in-step. I also have a regular width foot. I am blessed that I can get the same shoe size almost every time without issue. I don’t have many foot issues at all except that when I was in high school I ran track. Back then they didn’t really have all of the special athletic running shoes like they have now and I am sure I suffered from that. Also I ran cross country on all kinds of terrain including concrete and asphalt. I’m sure that didn’t help my feet and now that I am older, the shoes I pick have to be very comfortable or my feet will start to hurt rather quickly.

The most comfortable men’s shoes I wear now are Merrell’s Jungle Moc (slip-on) and Rockport Margin which is more of a business or dress up type of shoe.

My wife prefers several different shoes as women tend to like shoes more than men anyway. She has had a couple of foot surgeries earlier in her life and is very picky about which will be the most comfortable shoes for her.

Her current choices are: Aerosoles On Deck shoes, Clark Seymour Haven Sandals, Easy Spirit Motion Shoes, Naturalizer Prissy Cosmic Dust Shoes, & Privo Polar Lake Shoes.

Besides the obvious shoe sizes and type, what might be good for one is not always the same for others. We will provide a section on the Most Comfortable Shoes for wide feet as well and keep that as an individual topic because generally most shoes sold are not special widths.

Generally men shop for shoe types such as Dress Shoes, Work Shoes, Shoes for Standing all day, Athletic & Walking Shoes, Sandals & Boots.

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Women shop for all of these too but also are more particular about styles and will sometime suffer comfort for style. Do you think women would normally wear high heeled shoes if it weren’t for the look they achieve? I rest my case.

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We figure that the only way to figure out why a shoe might be the best for you is to provide a review website with the Most Comfortable Shoes  we have found & tested and then allow others to weigh in and express their own opinion or review. Suggestions for a more comfortable shoe is welcomed.

It is amazing how much information there is about shoes and considering we spend a large part of our lives standing or wearing shoes everyday, it can be very informative.

It is especially interesting to note that research has shown that wearing the wrong shoes for your foot type over extended periods of time can cause you back pain. Some back pain problems are directly attributable to the type of shoes one wears. That is the reason Dr. Scholls does so well as well as many other inserts and pads for the feet.

I personally have tried orthotics myself and have not seen much difference over time except in a ski boot, which seemed to minimize the foot pain. I tend to not like a tight fit for my shoes so ski boots have never been my favorite.

One last note: Buying shoes online has been a great new addition for many reasons. Besides the availability of styles to anyone in the world (which in itself is fantastic) the discounts available and the free return policy of most online shoe retailers, makes it much easier to shop for most of the shoes that are available to buy anywhere. Now it is all at your fingertips.

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